Sydney High Rise Waterproofing & Sealing

Water ingress, especially at height, can be challenging to address and costly to investigate. However, ATA’s rope access tradesmen are able to provide a cost effective solution for these types of issues. Our rope access technicians are experienced in:

  • Water ingress testing
  • Reporting on the condition of waterproofing membrane or sealants
  • Diagnosing likely water ingress points

To stop or prevent water ingress, ATA’s rope access technicians are also qualified to:

  • Repair/replace flashings
  • Repair/replace window glass rubbers and seals
  • Seal window surrounds
  • Instate building façade drainage points
  • Repair/replace building movement joints
  • Apply waterproofing membrane
  • Apply elastomeric paints

So don’t put up with waterproofing issues any longer, call or submit an online enquiry and let ATA provide a solution for you.

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